Group information

Group information

LSH Auto UK Limited

When global automotive retailing group, Lei Shing Hong  commenced with its first Mercedes-Benz dealership more than 45 years ago, it started on its journey to become the world’s largest Mercedes-Benz retailer.

Today the international group operates over 143 Mercedes-Benz dealerships in diversified markets such as China, Australia, South Korea, Taiwan, Vietnam, Cambodia, and most recently in Germany and the United Kingdom ( UK ) . Our UK dealerships operate under our corporate business LSH Auto UK Limited, with 9 dealerships in the Birmingham and Manchester market areas.

As a business, LSH Auto UK Limited operates in an environmentally and socially responsible manner and prides itself on providing the highest – level of customer experience.

The Lei Shing Hong Automobile group works in close partnership with Mercedes-Benz to ensure all customers receive the best possible service. This commitment to providing the highest level customer service is central to the core values of Lei Shing Hong.

We invite you to visit our dealerships and to experience our operations.

The Motor Ombudsman

Our Retailers are members of The Motor Ombudsman, an impartial service to provide dispute resolution. If you would like further information on The Motor Ombudsman, please visit the link below.